Location and access


Allée des Fauvettes

17390 Ronce les bains - La Tremblade - FRANCE





Itinerary from SAINTES:  

Exit Saintes and continue on D137, turn right on N150 towards ROYAN / SAUJON, take the exit towards D14 in the direction of SAUJON / ST SULPICE DE ROYAN / L EGUILLE / LES MATHES / LA TREMBLADE, follow this direction, in Saujon continue on D14 for 17 kms, in Arvert keep going straight on ahead, at the roundabout take the second exit (D14), after 4 kms, at the roundabout take the second exit (D25) and cross over La Tremblade then follow Ronce les Bains. 


Itinerary from BORDEAUX: 

Follow the A10 A630 E606 E05 in the direction of PARIS MERIGNAC CARBON-BLANC BASSENS, turn left towards A10 / E05 PARIS, take a toll ticket at Virsac, take the exit towards ROYAN / JONZAC / MIRAMBEAU, go through the toll gate at Mirambeau, take D730 on the left towards ROYAN / SAINT / CIERS DU TAILLON / LORIGNAC, drive 30 kms, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit (D730), on D730 continue on the left, cross over SAINT GEORGES DE DIDONNE, at the roundabout towards the Route de Bordeaux take the 2nd exit (D25). Continue on D25, cross ROYAN, exit in the direction of Royan, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit (D25EB1), continue on D25, cross Royan, turn right on D733, continue on the left (D733), at Jaffe keep going on D733 / Route Royan, in Fontbedeau at the roundabout take the 3rd exit (D14), cross Breuillet, at the roundabout 2nd exit (D14), exit towards Breuillet, continue on D14, near Etaules at the roundabout take the 2nd exit, continue on D14, cross Arvert, exit Arvert, continue on D14, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit (D25), arriving at La Tremblade Ronce les Bains. 


From the north of LA ROCHELLE: 

Take N237 / E 602 towards Bordeaux / Rochefort / Angoulême / Parc des expositions, continue on the left onto N 237 / E 602, keep going straight on ahead, take the exit towards Rochefort centre / island of Oléron / Royan / Marennes, continue on D 733, cross the bridge of Rochefort, continue on D733, towards the island of Oléron / Royan / Echillais / Soubise / Port des Barques / Saint-Agnant , take the exit onto Île d'Oléron / Marennes, near Marennes turn right on D123, cross Marennes, at the McDonald's roundabout go straight on towards La Tremblade Ronce les Bains, pass the bridge over the Seudre river; at the next roundabout turn right, you are on the main avenue of Ronce les Bains.